Insect Control In College Station Texas

Insects are everywhere. As the seasons change and along with this, outdoor conditions, many pests seek refuge and food indoors. Regular bug control is essential to prevent problems; however, insect control contractors suggest there are other things that homeowners can do to prevent an infestation. By following the simple tips below from professional pest control services, homeowners can make their houses less welcoming to "creepy crawlies" and reduce the chance of a problem.

Keep Homes Tidy and Clean

Insects are attracted to dark, damp, and warm places where there is a food supply. Unfortunately, this sometimes describes houses with clutter, dampness, and other messes. The first rule of bug control is to avoid attracting them in the first place by creating a clean and clutter-free house. Areas of particular attention are kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Clean often, especially in and around appliances and around bath fixtures. Put everything in its place and try not to leave behind any crumbs, damp items, or other things that could be a welcome mat for pests.

Seal Food Well

Unsealed food left out on countertops is one of the fastest ways to draw bugs. Insect control contractors suggest that all food be sealed in airtight food storage containers. Homeowners should also take the time to wipe up food spills and crumbs as they occur. If bugs can smell food, they will come searching for it.

Deal with Trash and Recycle

Some bugs will even congregate when they smell food in the trash can or in containers set aside for recycling. To avoid this, always rinse out anything that goes into the recycling bin. Take the trash and recycling out of the house often. Keeping trash and recycling bins clean with regular washing is a necessary part of insect control. Keep both bins out of the house and as far away from as possible until trash day.  

Keep Pet Areas Clean

Pets are another common source of creepy crawling pests. To prevent pets from adding to the risk of infestation, keep feeding areas clean and pet food stored in airtight containers. Pick up after pets in the yard and frequently clean litter boxes. Wash bedding regularly and if necessary, use appropriate flea and tick prevention.

Tidy the Yard and Grounds

Along with keeping a tidy house, insect control services also recommend keeping the yard and grounds clean and free of debris. Keep trees and bushes well-pruned, lawns regularly mowed, and rake leaves to prevent piles of wet and rotting vegetation near the house.  

Do Necessary Home Maintenance

Besides keeping things clean, insect control contractors also point out that keeping them in good condition is also important. Repair any torn screens and seal around doors, windows, and utility lines that enter the house. If there are cracks in the foundation, walls, or anywhere else, repair those as well. Cover any roof vents or chimneys with pest screens and remedy moisture problems.

Homeowners may find a bug in their house every now and then; however, an infestation is something completely different. By paying attention to insect control and practicing good housekeeping to avoid inviting pests in, people can avoid an emergency call to bug control contractors. Routine insect control services, combined with efforts to make a home less welcoming to critters, is usually all most homeowners need!

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