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The cooler nights of winter are here and along with them, both humans and animals are taking cover. Rodents can be a problem year-round; however, it is when the temperatures drop that homes without adequate rodent control methods in place become new residences for pests seeking shelter. This time of year, rodent control companies are busy as homeowners begin to sense that they are not alone in their homes. By watching for the right signs, homeowners can determine if they need rodent control services to rid their homes of unhealthy and damaging rats, mice, or squirrels.

Is There A Mouse In The House?

Mice leave small, dark droppings the size of a large grain of rice and can get into the tiniest spaces in the home, including inside walls. Droppings are commonly found in drawers, under cabinets and appliances, and in closed off corners where they are able to either hide or find food. Kitchen pantries are another common place where evidence of mice can be found.

Besides the droppings indicating the need for rodent control services, mice leave other signs as well. Their urine is strong smelling and can become noticeable after a while. These little pests also tend to gnaw on wooden or paper items to file their teeth down as well as build nests using any material suitable, such as paper, insulation, fabric, cotton, etc. They are sometimes able to be heard softly running through walls at night or making squeaking sounds to communicate with each other.

Who Smells A Rat?

Rats have different habits than mice, so the signs that rodent control is necessary will be different as well. Droppings are somewhat larger than those from mice and can be found on floors and along baseboards, as well as in hidden away areas since rats actually travel through the open house. Rats leave noticeable teeth marks on wooden surfaces and paper items. Additionally, grease marks along the walls and furnishings may be noticeable after some time.

They can also be detected by the presence of “rat runs” in the grass outside and leading to the home. These paths of worn or flattened grass occur as rats continually enter and exit homes. In addition, rats will nest inside the home in the same way mice do, although in more selective areas such as in the attic, beneath floorboards, or in more secluded corners.

Anyone Squirreled Away in That Attic?

Along with rats and mice, rodent control companies also find squirrels hiding away in the attics of people’s homes. Squirrels that gain access to the attic through a hole in the roof can usually be overheard making noise, which is one of the main ways they are detected. They will leave droppings throughout the occupied attic space and their urine is especially strong. Foul odors emanating from the attic is another telltale sign that squirrels are present according to most rodent control services.

Squirrels, like their rat and mice cousins, are also chewers. This is usually noticeable as teeth marks on wooden beams and other wood items as well as on anything stored in the attic. Squirrels may also be seen on the roof, especially close to the place where they enter the attic.

Pests may be found inside a home any time of the year; however, many rodent control companies agree that winter is the prime time when homeowners begin to experience problems. Anyone who notices any of these signs in or around their home should call for rodent control services right away before the population increases and pests cause more damage. Practicing proper rodent control is essential for keeping these pests out of any home!

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