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It is the middle of summer and bug control companies are as busy as ever battling mosquitoes and other pests around your neighborhood. When it comes to mosquitoes, you may already be looking forward to fall and the assumed mosquito die-off that will happen - but not so fast!

Although mosquitoes may not be as active and you may not think you need mosquito bug control services after the summer, all of them do not just disappear. By understanding where mosquitoes go in winter, you can take important bug control steps this fall so you have fewer mosquitoes to deal with next season.

Not All Mosquitoes Die in Winter

Every spring and summer, your yard becomes a host to many different species of mosquitoes. These pests are annoying at the least; at their worst, they can spread diseases to you, your family, and even your pets. Bug control services that work to reduce mosquito numbers are obviously busier during the warmer weather.

Yet bug control efforts should not just stop in the winter, even though you may think that mosquitoes have died. It is simply a myth that all mosquitoes die off in the winter. If they did, then where would all the new mosquitoes come from every spring once the weather warms up again?

So What Happens to All the Mosquitoes?

Bug control companies know that even though they may be dormant, all mosquitoes do not die in the winter. Technically speaking, mosquitoes "live" through the cold season in two different ways. Mosquitoes typically mate in the fall, just before the weather changes, with the males dying off afterward.

In some species, the females lay eggs in areas of collected water before they die as well. These eggs stay dormant throughout the cold season, even surviving freezing temperatures, to eventually hatch in the spring.

In other species, females go into hiding in warm, damp places after mating. They shelter in piles of rotting wood, underground burrows of other animals, and can even survive in damp corners of your home. Once the weather warms up, they go outdoors again to lay eggs in the water. The eggs rapidly mature into new mosquitoes. The females die, while a new generation of mosquitoes continue the life cycle.

Fall Bug Control Reduces Mosquitoes

The key factor in reducing the mosquito population around your home in the summer months is using the right bug control services in the fall and winter. In both reproduction instances mentioned above, water is the required element that allows mosquitoes to continue reproducing. So removal of any sources of standing water is one of the most important bug control methods to reduce mosquito numbers around your home.

Bug control companies stress the importance of checking your home for damp, warm places where adult mosquitoes and many other pests may try to winter, then remedying these conditions to not be as inviting. You should also remove any rotting wood or piles of decomposing leaves or vegetation from your property, along with any items that could catch and hold water and provide a home for mosquito eggs.

Fall is right around the corner and winter just beyond that. Although pest insects like mosquitoes will become less prevalent the colder it gets, bug control companies remind that fall is the time to start your bug control plan for next year.  By continuing bug control services through the fall and taking steps to make your property less hospitable to wintering mosquitoes, you can reduce the mosquito population around your house next year!

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