What Are Some Common Pests That Want To Invade Your Home?

Pest Control In College Station Texas

The two things that all species have in common with humans is the need for food and shelter. Pest control companies know that it is this need that drives certain insects and animals to leave the outdoors and attempt to set up residence inside. Keeping residences free of [...]

Termite Control – 4 Things To Avoid Doing Around Your Home!

Bug Control In College Station Texas

A termite infestation is the last thing that Texas homeowners want to deal with. Not only are these pests highly destructive insects, they can be a real challenge to remove and require hiring professional pest control services. Although most residences in areas where these insects live are built with [...]

Recognizing When It Is Time To Call An Exterminator!

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Whether the issue is ants, mice, or any other insect or animal, most homes require some degree of pest control to keep them pest-free. Many homeowners prefer to take care of this essential maintenance on their own, rather than calling exterminator. Yet there are times when a pest [...]

Bed Bugs And Vacuuming – Can It Help?

Bug Control in College Station Texas

Bed bugs can be a real problem, usually when people least expect it. Bug control services know these pests can seemingly appear out of nowhere and suddenly people will notice they are being bitten. There are a number of ways that bug control companies can exterminate bed bugs; [...]

What Do I Need To Know About Integrated Pest Management?

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As pest problems become more prevalent, many commercial extermination services are learning how integrated pest management can help. By targeting insects and other pests in a different way, commercial extermination services are seeing better results in environments where use of pesticides can be problematic. Integrated pest management provides [...]

Information About The Food Industry And Pest Management!

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Proper pest control is of great concern to the food industry that can face health issues and even legal concerns if any type of bug or pest is found in their place of business. The management of pests within the food industry is different than any similar infestation [...]

Looking At What Is New In Ant Control!

Insect Control in Bryan Texas

Ant control is a significant concern in Texas and many other areas where ants thrive. There is still a lot to be desired in effective insect control that removes ants for long periods of time. Some ant control services are anxiously awaiting a new type of ant bait [...]

Learn About Controlling Fleas At Home!

Insect Control in College Station Texas

Fall is here and along with the falling temperatures, some homeowners with pets end up with some uninvited guests. Fall is not only pumpkin season; it is also flea season.This means that now is the time to consider insect control, before an infestation occurs. By using the helpful [...]

Rats and Bait Stations – Make Them Rodent Attractive!

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Bait stations are an important item used in rodent control. These stations provide the rodenticide that is necessary to eliminate rats and other rodents in the most effective way, which is through their food supply. Since bait stations only work if rats consume the bait, station placement is a [...]

Termite Control – What Happens When The Flood Waters Recede?

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Termites are a prime concern in certain parts of the country. In these areas, most homes are protected with termite control barriers to prevent a termite infestation. These barriers tend to work very effectively, at least when they are not disrupted. Yet when these barriers are disturbed by [...]