Mosquitoes are a common sight in Seguin, and they can cause a lot of problems. Not only do their bites itch like crazy, but they can be a noisy nuisance and transmit dangerous diseases. Daniel Pest Control will discuss some important info about these pests, including the problems that mosquitoes cause, how to prevent them in your yard, and why professional mosquito pest control in Seguin may be the best solution for you.

Differences Between Mosquitoes And Flies

Mosquitoes and flies may look similar, but there are a few key differences between them. For one, mosquitoes have a pair of scales on their wings, while flies do not. Mosquitoes also have long legs and a proboscis (a thin, tube-like mouthpiece) that they use to pierce the skin and suck blood. Flies, on the other hand, have short legs and a spongy mouthpiece that they use to lap up liquids.

While you often see both of these insects buzzing around your head, mosquitoes are the only ones that will bite you. This is because female mosquitoes need blood to develop their eggs, whereas flies do not.

Three Problems Mosquitoes Cause

Aside from the itchy bumps they leave behind, mosquitoes can cause other problems on your Seguin property:

  1. Annoying buzzing sound: Perhaps the most annoying thing about mosquitoes is the buzzing sound they make. This can be really irritating, especially if you’re trying to enjoy a quiet evening in your backyard.
  2. Lawn damage: If you have a lot of mosquitoes in your yard, they can start to damage your lawn. This is because their larvae need standing water to survive, so they will often lay their eggs in puddles, ditches, and other wet areas. Over time, this can kill the grass in your yard.
  3. Diseases carried by mosquitoes: Although cases are rare in Seguin, mosquitoes can transmit diseases like malaria, Zika virus, and West Nile virus. These diseases can be deadly, so it’s important to do everything you can to prevent them.

As you can see, mosquitoes are a huge nuisance for multiple reasons. Take action by following our tips to prevent mosquitoes from taking over your yard.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Prevent Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes can seem relentless in the summer, but there are a few preventive ways to repel mosquitoes from your yard:

  • Eliminate standing water: Mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs, so eliminating any standing water in your yard is a good way to prevent them. This includes things like puddles, birdbaths, and pet bowls.
  • Grow citronella plants: Citronella plants are one of the best plants to deter mosquitoes, because they release scents mosquitoes hate. So, planting a few of these around your yard can help keep them away.
  • Install a mosquito net: If you have a porch or patio, you can install a mosquito net to keep them out.
  • Use fans: Mosquitoes are weak flyers, so using fans can help keep them away from you.
  • Keep your grass cut short: Long grass provides a place for mosquitoes to hide, so keeping your grass cut short can help reduce their numbers.

By implementing these methods, you can take steps toward reducing the number of mosquitoes buzzing around your yard.

Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control

While there are a few things you can do to reduce their population in your yard, the best way to control mosquitoes is with professional mosquito control. This can reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard by up to 90%, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your Seguin yard without being constantly bitten.

Here at Daniel Pest Control, we have more than 25 years of experience getting rid of mosquitoes and other pests quickly and effectively. Every yard is different, so we create a customized plan for each one. This ensures that your mosquito problem will be taken care of in the best way possible. Let us help you get rid of mosquitoes on your Seguin property for good. Call us today.