Termite Control in College Station Texas

Termites are one of the most destructive pests that could invade your house if you do not use effective termite control. They can cause billions of dollars in damage to homes every year and can be difficult to detect. This is why many homeowners do not seek termite control services until they already have an established problem. To protect your home, termite control companies suggest learning a little bit about the life cycle of this destructive insect.

Termite Colonies

Termites are insects that live in colonies that can be host to as many as two million termites when not immediately detected by termite control services. There is a queen that lays eggs, workers that seek food and maintain the colony, soldiers that defend the colony, and swarmers.

Swarmers, both male and female, are the only individuals that can reproduce, as all others are sterile. Swarmers are also the only termites with wings throughout their lifecycle. This is an important detail that can help you plan effective termite control and reduce populations around your home.

Colonies can be difficult to establish, sometimes taking a few years before any swarmers are hatched and there are sufficient numbers to actually cause damage to your home. By reducing the number of swarmers that survive to mate, termite control companies can more easily eliminate populations before they grow to damaging proportions.

Springtime Swarms

Termite control services point out that the best time to eradicate termites is in the spring, when swarmers or reproductives become active and begin to mate. They emerge from their current colonies with wings intact, seeking out other swarmers to mate with. When a pair successfully mates, they both break off their wings and move on together so the female can lay her eggs.

Females will lay their eggs in a private corner of the existing nest or in a new nest. This means that the nests frequently have more than one queen laying eggs and producing new soldiers, workers, and swarmers. Because of this, colonies can grow very quickly once they are established if the growth is not prevented by effective termite control.

Detecting Termite Problems

One of the only noticeable signs of the presence of termites is the shedded wings of swarmers that have already mated in the spring. This does not mean that these insects are inactive; they could be building their populations and causing damage to your home.

While regular inspections to detect termite damage should always be scheduled, termite control companies stress the importance of noticing the wings in the springtime. If you see the broken off wings or see live and winged swarmers around, it means there is a living colony in the area. You should take appropriate measures to prevent potential termite damage to your home.

As difficult as they can be to detect, swarmers provide an important clue as to whether your home is at risk and needs termite control services. If you understand the lifecycle and how these insects reproduce and increase in numbers, you will be better prepared to fend them off by arranging for necessary termite control.

If you see winged swarmers or their discarded wings around your house in the spring or summer, this is your sign to call termite control companies before your house suffers damage!

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