How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Cibolo Yard

wasp on a wood surface

Nobody wants an abundance of wasps in their backyard. Though they are an important part of our ecosystem, when they are flying around your yard, they’re just a nuisance. All types of wasps look scary, and when they sting, it’s painful. Most people get jumpy when they’re around these insects and fear for the well-being of their pets and children.

Sometimes, when searching for shelter, a wasp will even set up shop in your home or HVAC system. Nobody wants that. Fortunately, our team of experts at Daniel Pest Control is your go-to for safe and effective wasp prevention in Cibolo. We will help you identify these pests and give you some safe, preventative strategies to keep them off your property.

How To Identify Wasps

There are several types of wasps. For example, yellow jackets, paper wasps, mud wasps, and carpenter bees, but how do you spot one? And when it comes to bees and wasps identification, how do you tell the difference?

Observe their physicality. The physical difference between bees and wasps is fairly obvious. Bees are fatter, hairy, and they have two wings. Wasps, on the hand, are skinnier, hairless with narrow legs, and have four wings to fly around with.

You can also find out the hard way. Bees only sting once before they die, and wasps, on the other hand, sting multiple times. If you suffer several stings in a row, you’re likely dealing with wasps.

The Problems Wasps Can Create In Your Yard

Unsurprisingly, wasps aren’t exactly neighbor-friendly. If they build a nest in a high-traffic area of your yard, you’re bound to get stung. If you accidentally disturb their nest, you will likely suffer several stings.

Some wasp species will often strip wood from the trees in your garden to make their paper nests as well. It’s true that they can be a help by eating insects that would otherwise harm your plants, but some like to take apart the stem of plants for, again, their nest.

Five Environmentally Friendly Wasp Prevention Tips For Your Yard

The environment needs our help, and there are small ways to keep the environment healthy while doing what we need to do. Luckily, there are several ways for smart wasp prevention.

  1. Fake nest: Wasps are highly territorial, and they don’t like building nests anywhere near each other. So, if you hang up a fake nest in your garden, they’re likely to leave your space alone. This is could probably be the simplest and best way to get rid of a wasp nest.
  2. Set the trap: Let’s get an example. You have a horde of American wasps building a nest in your gardens highway or under the porch. What do you do? Well, a cost-effective way to get rid of them is to set a trap. Store-bought or homemade, either works as long as you have good bait. To avoid attracting bumblebees, use savory tastings like tuna. As it works, make sure you clean it out and replace bait often. Rinse and repeat until they’re gone, and all is well!
  3. A little home improvement: Wasps are small, but wasps nests can get massive. Any dark space with some room is prime wasp real estate. That loose board that leads under your porch, the crawl space in your attic, and the cracks of your home itself are excellent places to start.
  4. Maintain your trash: Are your trash cans properly sealed? I ask because wasps are gluttons and they love the liquids and scraps of food we all throw away. So, make sure your trash cans are clean and can shut properly to keep them out.
  5. Keep your space clean: Make sure food is not left outside your property’s walls. Things like apple slices and crushed grapes will attract the devilish paper wasp, and your uncleaned grill will serve as a nice platter for these insidious insects as well.

Despite your best efforts, you may still find yourself dealing with a wasp problem. If you’re concerned about being stung or wasps making their way indoors, reach out to our residential pest control team at Daniel Pest Control.

The Secret To Total Wasp Control For Cibolo Yard

In the end, when it comes to safe and effective wasp control, it’s best to partner with pest professionals in Cibolo. At Daniel Pest Control, we have the experience and tools to keep wasps off your property.

We will inspect your property and develop a customized plan to solve your wasp problem. We will also recommend preventative measures to keep them away in the future. To learn more about our wasp control methods we provide in our Texas service area, reach out to us today!

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