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When it comes to pests, some are more off-putting than others. For example, you might be irritated to find a few house spiders in the corners of your ceiling but will have trouble sleeping at night if you discover bed bugs living in your house. There’s something about bed bugs that can make you itchy just thinking about them. If they do end up in your Seguin home, you’ll have reason to feel itchy, as they often spend the nighttime hours snacking on the people in your home and leaving itchy bites behind.

A bed bug infestation is a cause for concern because bed bugs bite and, because they reproduce quickly, they won’t leave your house on their own. If you have seen signs of a bed bug infestation in your Seguin home, it’s wise to do something about it as soon as possible to avoid the problem getting out of control. Daniel Pest Control & Professional Services provides bed bug control services for your Seguin home that you can truly feel good about.

Preventative Measures to Avoid Bed Bug Infestations

While our team at Daniel Pest Control is dedicated to providing thorough and effective bed bug control services, there are also preventative measures you can take to avoid infestations in your Seguin home. By implementing these simple steps, you can reduce the risk of bed bugs entering your living space and minimize the need for extensive pest control treatments.

Some preventative measures to consider include:

  • Regularly inspecting second-hand furniture and clothing for signs of bed bugs
  • Using protective mattress and box spring encasements
  • Reducing clutter to eliminate hiding spots for bed bugs
  • Regularly vacuuming and cleaning your home to remove potential bed bug hiding spots
  • Sealing cracks and crevices in walls and furniture to prevent bed bug entry

By incorporating these preventative measures into your routine, you can help protect your home from bed bug infestations and maintain a pest-free living environment.

Bed Bug Control From Daniel Pest Control


Identifying where the infestation is occurring in your home is important in providing you with the most effective bed bug control treatments. We’ll inspect your house to look for bed bugs so that we can determine where the bed bugs are spending time and how severe the infestation has become. We’ll look in living areas and bedrooms and check mattresses, baseboards, carpets, and more during our inspection.


We use conventional bed bug control methods to rid homes of bed bugs. First, we’ll use a liquid treatment in all cracks and crevices. We’ll then use a dust product in wall voids. Our treatment can be done throughout the entire house or on a room-by-room basis. Bed bugs can easily travel from place to place through the walls, so we do recommend whole house treatments to ensure the full eradication of your infestation.


After the initial treatment is complete, we’ll return to your home a couple of weeks later to re-treat it. Our bed bug control service includes a 30-day warranty.

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Additional Bed Bug Control Services

Mattress Encasements

To fully protect your mattress from both your current infestation and future infestations, you may want to invest in mattress encasements. We can install these protective covers around your mattresses. Not only do they keep any bed bugs that are in your mattress from getting out, but they also protect your mattress from any outside bed bugs getting in.

Heat Treatments

We offer this as a service if you prefer a heat treatment over a conventional bed bug treatment. Heat treatments involve heating your home and holding it at a temperature that is lethal to bed bugs.

Get Back To Being Bed Bug-Free

No one wants bed bugs in their house, and with the help of Daniel Pest Control, you don’t have to have bed bugs in your house. Our bed bug control services in Seguin are thorough and warrantied so that you can be sure every bed bug is eradicated. To learn more about how our team can effectively eliminate bed bugs from your property or schedule your appointment, contact us today!

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  • Is professional bed bug treatment worth it?
    Professional treatment for bed bugs is always worth it due to the expertise and specialized knowledge that pest control professionals bring to the table. At Daniel Pest Control, our expert technicians can accurately identify the extent of the infestation and tailor effective treatment plans, ensuring comprehensive eradication. Moreover, our professional treatments come with guarantees and follow-up services, providing homeowners with peace of mind and a higher likelihood of successful, long-term bed bug control.
  • What can I do to prevent bed bugs?
    To prevent bed bug infestations, homeowners can adopt several proactive measures to minimize their risk. These include regularly inspecting and cleaning bedding, specifically washing sheets and pillowcases in hot water and drying them at a high temperature. Additionally, you should exercise caution when acquiring second-hand furniture, thoroughly inspect luggage and clothing after traveling, and promptly address any of the above signs of bed bugs to mitigate the risk of infestations and ensure a pest-free home environment.
  • How can I tell if I have bed bugs?
    There are a number of warning signs that can indicate you have a bed bug problem. Look for signs like itchy red welts on the skin, small bloodstains on sheets, and tiny dark spots (fecal matter) on or around bedding.

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