Crazy Ants In Seguin: What You Should Know

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If you’ve been seeing an increase in small, brown ants around your home or office, you may have crazy ants! Crazy ants, also known as tawny crazy ants, are a newer invasive species that has been making its way across the United States. Here in Seguin, we’re starting to see more and more of these little pests. What do they look like? How did they get their name? How can you check for them and get rid of them if necessary with the assistance of the Seguin pest control experts at Daniel Pest Control? Keep reading to find out!

What Does A Crazy Ant Look Like?

Crazy ants are small, brown ants that can be easily mistaken for ordinary house ants. However, crazy ants have several distinguishing features that set them apart. They are smaller than most other types of ants and their abdomens are very elongated. Their antennae are also quite long and thin, giving them a “crazy” appearance.

Why Are They Called Crazy Ants?

The tawny crazy ant got its name from the erratic way it moves. Unlike most other ants, which move in a straight line, crazy ants zigzag and change direction suddenly. This erratic behavior earned them the nickname “crazy ants.” Their long, thin antennae constantly vibrate, which makes them look like they’re crazy!

Crazy ants are not known to swarm people or bite, but they can sting and can be a nuisance around homes and offices. They often build their nests in potted plants and invade food storage areas. They can also contaminate food with their excrement, leading to stomach problems.

Do You Have Crazy Ants In Your Potted Plants?

Crazy ants often build their nests in potting soil, so if you see large numbers of small brown ants inside or around your plants, there’s a good chance you have crazy ants.

Here’s how to check for these pests:

  • Inspect the potting soil for small, brown ants.
  • Look for nests in the potting soil or around the edge of the pot.
  • Check under the leaves of plants for ants.
  • Look for nests in the soil or under the pot’s rim.
  • Check around the base of the plant for piles of discarded ant wings.
  • If you see ants, gently tap the pot on the ground. If many ants come out, you have a nest of crazy ants.

If you have a potted plant with a crazy nest, there are several steps you can take to get rid of them:

  • Remove the plant from its pot and shake out all the soil.
  • Use insecticidal soap according to the instructions.
  • Re-pot the plant in fresh potting soil and water well.

If you have any questions about crazy ants or need help getting rid of them, don’t hesitate to call Daniel Pest Control. We’re here to help.

Total Ant Control For Seguin Residents

If you have an infestation of crazy ants or other types of ants, there are several ways to get rid of them.

Here are a few methods of home pest control for ants to try:

  • For ant control in your house, ensure that all food crumbs and spills are cleaned up and trash is taken out regularly.
  • For ant control in your yard, make sure all trash containers have tight-fitting lids and keep your yard well-watered.
  • The best pest control for ants is to call a professional pest control company to treat your home or office.

Crazy ants can be a nuisance around homes and offices, but they can be controlled with proper treatment. If you have a crazy ant infestation, call Daniel Pest Control for total ant control in Seguin. We have more than 25 years of combined experience. We’ll design a custom home pest control or commercial pest control plan to protect your Seguin home against crazy ants and other pests. Don’t let ants drive you crazy; contact us today!

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