Preparing Your San Marcos Home For Termite Season

close up of termites

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes the height of termite season in your San Marcos homeTermites are the worst kind of home invader. They essentially break in by digging their way into your San Marcos  home, then stick around while destroying the integrity of your walls. Despite all the damage that a termite can do, you should know that away from your home, termites are a key player in nature.

Different kinds of termites work their way through the woods acting as nature’s clean-up crew by breaking down dead trees. However, these little bugs don’t know the difference between a dead tree and a fully lived-in San Marcos home. So if they show up, don’t hesitate to call in the big guns at Daniel Pest Control!

When Is Termite Season In San Marcos?

In actuality, termites work year-round in destroying your home. However, you’ll find that some kinds of termites are much more active in the spring months. Spring typically spans from March to May and the best way to get rid of termites is to first implement some termite identification on your part.

Knowing the type of termite can help you figure out how it got into your home, helping you find out how to get rid of termites that are infesting your home. A termite, however, is only as deadly as its colony is large. And unfortunately, a termite colony can multiply into the millions in mere days.

How Do I Know If My San Marcos Home Has Termites?

Termite identification is crucial when they have invaded your home. You’ll want to know what to look for because termites can be very tricky. They can go unnoticed for months, even years, and the damage termites cause will be too far along for an easy fix by that time. So look for these signs when dealing with termites:

  • Bruised or blistering wood (walls and flooring)
  • Piles of wings around the door or windows
  • Mud tubs around the foundation of your home
  • Tiny holes all over the walls

These are only a few of the many signs termites can leave around your home. Be sure to stay vigilant if you suspect that your walls might be infested. For a guarantee, you’ll want to call in an inspection team as soon as possible to minimize your potential damage costs.

What Does A Termite Infestation In San Marcos Look Like?

A termite infestation, when you find it, can be very jarring. Not many people know what to expect when looking for the cause of their wood damage. However, finding a large colony within your walls can leave you in a state of stress.

Within a colony, termites can range from swarmers to soldiers, all acting for the benefit and prolonging of the colony. Swarmers are termites with wings, and they can be potentially aggressive depending on the type of termite. They can also fly and leave the colony to create more colonies in other locations. This is why termites are a difficult pest to deal with on your own.

How Does Daniel Get Rid Of Termites In San Marcos?

For the best way to get rid of termites, you need to call in the pros. Lucky for you, you’ll find no one better than our team at Daniel Pest Control. We strive to provide the best experience with our combined 25 years of service in the industry. At Daniel Pest Control, we are a fully licensed and insured company that you can rely on, complete with a service guarantee.

At Daniel Pest Control, our team stays up to date on all the latest in the business, to ensure that you are getting the best service with all the know-how. You can rest easy when our team shows up at your door. We’ll let you know how to get rid of termites and how to keep them away! Count on us to protect your home and all the important things inside, so call us today for a free quote.

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