Insect Control In College Station Texas

Ants are one of the more common pests that Texas homeowners deal with. Without the right insect control measures, ants can easily find their way into homes, bringing all their friends with them. Effective ant control requires more than just treating any existing populations. Homeowners need to know what brings the insects inside and what should be done to prevent infestations. By using appropriate ant control services, any home can be kept free of these pests all year long.

Why Do Ants Enter A Home?

A few ants inside the home may not seem like a big deal; however, where there only a few seen, there are usually many more. Most species live in underground nests that may be homes to millions of insects that are all searching for the same thing, a source of food. When a few of the nest sniff out something attractive inside the home, they tell the rest of the colony.  Then in a very short amount of time, those few can turn into hundreds or thousands of ants moving in and out of the house. Even though most ants do not actually live inside homes, when they do find a food source inside a  building, the need for effective ant control becomes essential.

What Do Ants Eat?

Different species eat different things. This make it essential that the type of ant be identified by experienced ant control services so the right insect control methods can be used. The most typical species seen indoors is the sugar ant that lives up to its name by searching for sugar. Common ants are less choosy, as they will eat seeds, meat, greasy food, and even other insects as well as sugar.

Besides sugar ants, there are a number of other species that are attracted by these same foods, including the fire ants that are common in Texas. Carpenter ants and some moisture-loving species come for the food and will stay if conditions are right for nesting. They seek warm, moist areas and soft wooden beams that can be burrowed into.

How Do You Get Rid of Ants In the House?

The biggest factor in ant control, removal, and prevention is keeping a clean, well-maintained home. Homeowners should remove any attractants that draw these pests into the house. All food should be stored in airtight containers and kitchens should always be kept clean of spills, crumbs, and food particles. Check frequently for plumbing leaks and other moist areas in basements, bathrooms, under cabinets, in attics, and anywhere else that water is present. Additionally, areas where insects can enter the home should be sealed off. All of these steps are basic parts of insect control to prevent infestations.

If a few insects are noticed, kill them immediately and do a thorough cleaning. A deterrent barrier can also be applied outside the home, such as sprinkling cinnamon or vinegar around the foundation or using baits and traps to kill smaller numbers. If more insects return or their numbers increase, the best suggestion is to arrange for ant control services. Professional pest control companies can identify the species, use the appropriate products to kill and repel them, and then make suggestions on how to prevent re-infestation.

Because it is possible to see an ant or two inside a building from time to time, it is essential to make insect control part of routine building upkeep. In most cases, this involves little more than keeping the area clean and properly sealed. Still, ants can become problematic literally overnight. If this happens, more direct ant control methods may be required. Regular treatment by experienced ant control services are one of the best ways to prevent problems with these pests inside any building!

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