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Bed bugs can be a real problem, usually when people least expect it. Bug control services know these pests can seemingly appear out of nowhere and suddenly people will notice they are being bitten. There are a number of ways that bug control companies can exterminate bed bugs; however, people can improve treatment efforts with regular vacuuming. In actuality, vacuuming plays a critical role in effective bed bug control and removal.

A Little Bit About Bed Bugs

Before anyone can effectively remove bed bugs, bug control services maintain it is important to understand what they are and where they can be found. These small, flat insects can be easily transmitted from person to person on clothing, in suitcases, and on other items that are brought into a home. They prefer a warm, cozy environment and feed off human blood, which is why they infest mattresses and box springs. Bed bugs hide in the fabric and bedding while inactive during the day, then emerge at night to feed when a person is sleeping. Bed bugs also lay their eggs inside mattresses and box springs and can quickly multiply to the point of infestation.

Vacuuming Is A Prime Defense

Although it is recommended that anyone who is dealing with a bed bug problem call a bug control company for treatment, vacuuming is also considered to be one of the most important defenses against bed bugs. This is because available bug control preparations do not affect bed bug eggs, often allowing more bed bugs to hatch even after a treatment. With frequent and thorough vacuuming of mattresses and boxsprings, getting into the little cracks and crevices well to remove any adult bugs and eggs that might be present, a person can continue the effort of reducing bed bug populations until they are all gone. Frequent vacuuming for bed bugs also reduces the number of pesticide treatments by bug control services that are necessary, while removing any pesticide-resistant eggs and hatching bugs. Regular vacuuming of mattresses and boxsprings can also prevent infestation should a few bed bugs find their way into a home.

Best Tips When Vacuuming for Bed Bugs

To obtain the best results from vacuuming as part of a bed bug control program, bug control companies offer the following tips:

  • Use a vacuum specifically designed for pest control, preferably with a HEPA filter, and dedicate it for this use. Clean the vacuum after every use and do not use it for any other vacuuming in the home.
  • Vacuum up a small amount of diatomaceous earth after using the vacuum to kill any bed bugs or eggs that may be stuck in the vacuum hose, then store with the end of the hose taped closed.
  • Vacuum using a stiff brush attachment and a crevice tool, since bed bugs cling to fabric surfaces because the eggs are usually stuck to the fabric with a special glue-like substance when they are laid by females.
  • Vacuum for bed bugs while the insects are inactive and clumped together on mattresses and boxsprings. This is usually during the day or before anyone gets into bed to sleep, which is when these bugs become active in order to feed.
  • Vacuum thoroughly around the bed frame, baseboard, carpeting around the bed, and any nearby upholstered furniture, along with mattresses and boxsprings.

Vacuuming alone will not remove bed bug infestations; however, bug control companies know that it is still an important part of bed bug extermination. At the first sign of bed bugs, the best suggestion is to call local bug control services and start the necessary bug control treatments, then start vacuuming. Thorough and frequent vacuuming will make those bed bug control treatments more effective, eliminating the problem much faster before bed bugs have a chance to re-infest!

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