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Every year, as many homeowners begin doing their fall cleaning in preparation for winter, pests of all kinds begin their own type of "preparation" as well. They are looking for places to shelter during the colder months, preferably inside a warm home. For this reason, fall cleaning time should also be fall pest control time. Use the following helpful tips from experienced pest control services and avoid inviting insects and small animals inside while preparing the house for winter.

Fall Cleaning

Most homeowners do fall cleaning, such as bringing in the lawn furniture and putting away the mower; a general tidying up for the coming winter. Fall cleaning is also important for reducing the chance of insect or rodent problems, since both can thrive in a dirty environment. Clean up clippings and leaves around the property. Keep spaces such as garages, sheds, and attics free of anything that could be inviting in the way of food, bedding material, or even a place for insects to lay their eggs. Autumn cleaning should be more than just about clutter; it should also be about pest control.

Seal Any Openings

Pests can get inside homes through just about any available opening. This fall, go around the outside of the house looking for potential entry points and seal them up. These entry points may be holes in the soffit, space around meters, wiring, or pipes that exit the home, as well as cracks around windows and doors. Spiders and other insects can enter through gaps as small as 1/16 inch and mice only need about 1/4 inch to get in. Fill in spaces and cracks with caulk, weather stripping, expandable foam, copper mesh, and other materials that are suitable for the area. Also check window and door screens for holes and tears and repair these as well.

Reduce Moisture

Moisture can cause a number of problems in a home, including the attraction of pests. Pest control services know that moisture is a main draw for roaches and a number of other insects. Homeowners should control moisture by trimming and cleaning planted beds around the home and remedying any moisture problems, especially in basements or attics. Do not keep wood piles close to the home or leave them unprotected, as rotting wood is a perfect environment for insects that could venture the short distance from the yard to the home.

Chimney Caps and Attic Vents

Homes with chimneys should be protected with chimney caps. These caps are an inexpensive form of preventive pest control. They prevent rodents, bats, birds, and other animals from entering the chimney to nest or even enter the home. Similarly, attic vents should be protected with 1/4 inch mesh behind the vents to prevent entry into the attic and potentially into the home.

Above all, pest control services recommend that homeowners continue to be proactive in their home maintenance, taking all necessary precautions for pest control. Careful observation of the home throughout the year, including the roof, attic, foundation, and basement, is essential in the prevention of infestations and the need to call for professional pest control services!

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