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Bait stations are an important item used in rodent control. These stations provide the rodenticide that is necessary to eliminate rats and other rodents in the most effective way, which is through their food supply. Since bait stations only work if rats consume the bait, station placement is a prime consideration for effective pest control. For the greatest success, rodent control services must make their bait stations attractive enough that rodents seek these stations.

Locations - And Limitations

If it were possible to simply put a bait station any place where there is evidence of rodent traffic, rodent control would be fairly simple. Since this is not possible due to the potential dangers associated with bait stations, rodent control services must find other locations and make the stations more attractive to rodents. There are regulations against placing bait stations or using certain types of pest control in some areas, such as food preparation areas and areas where children or pets may be a concern. This is true even if these areas are the primary places where rodent evidence exists. The goal is to determine the location of the rodents and place bait stations in these areas, or as close to restricted areas as possible.

Understanding Rodent Habits

For the best success with bait stations, it is important to understand the behavior and temperament of the rodents being targeted. For example, mice are active and curious; while rats are deterred by the sudden appearance of new things in their environment. Rats require rodent control bait stations to be a permanent part of their environment before they will venture closer and actually use them. Additionally, both rats and mice are more relaxed and likely to feed in shadowy, protected areas, rather than eating out in the open or in close proximity to noise and activity. These creatures dwell in corners, travel along walls, and run in and behind pipes and other permanent fixtures in a building. Therefore, these are the most effective places to set a bait station.

Think Like Rodents

Essentially, when working within the limits of safety restrictions and preferred habitats, rodent control services must assess each location individually, then think like a rodent. This requires identifying what is bringing rodents to the location, then determine where rodents feel most comfortable when there. The best areas for placement of bait stations are not going to be the most obvious, which is where rodents have been seen scurrying; it is where they are more likely to actually go to the bait. Finding this comfortable spot, or the area where pests congregate or feel secure, is the primary goal with most types of pest control. This is especially true when control requires the pest to feel confident enough to consume the bait.

Even though it may seem that any hungry rodent would willingly enter a bait station, this is not usually the case. Rodent control services must analyze rodent activity and behavior, then use this knowledge to decide on the best placement of bait stations to be most attractive to the rodents. Smart pest control takes the behavior and preferences of each species into consideration for the most effective use of these important rodent control devices!

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