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Squirrels are adorable when spotted climbing trees, in your yard looking for nuts, or sitting on your back fence. As cute as they may be, pest control companies find that these critters can be a problem if they enter your home. If squirrels have moved into your attic or elsewhere in your home, you need help from professional pest control services.

Pest control technicians can carefully remove wildlife like squirrels from your home, then instruct you on the best ways to keep them from coming back.

Are Squirrels Dangerous?

Although squirrels pose little direct threat to humans or pets since they tend to stay hidden, they do present some indirect dangers that could affect you. Like other small animals that require pest control, squirrels tend to chew on wood, wires, and other materials as they gain entry to your home and build nests in hidden areas. Pest control companies warn that this can result in structural damage to your home or cause a fire.

Squirrels may also bring fleas into your home and can cause unpleasant odors. Considering these problems, it is important that you work with local pest control services to prevent squirrels from coming into your home or remove any that may already be there.

Why Do Squirrels Come Into Homes?

Squirrels enter people’s homes for two main reasons:  seeking shelter or attraction to a food supply. While there is usually plenty of both outside for them during the warmer months, squirrels also seek warm places and sources of food once winter comes.

Attics are the most common areas where pest control companies find squirrels nesting; they are warm and dry with little human traffic. If there is a way for them to do so, some may venture further into the home in search of food. Some squirrels are encouraged to nest in attics if there is a convenient source of food close to the home, such as an accessible bird feeder that is filled up regularly.  

How Can You Keep Squirrels Out?

Keeping squirrels and other wildlife out of your home is fairly easy, requiring just a few preventive steps to help ensure that you will not need pest control services. Carefully inspect your home and seal all small openings that could grant access, like gaps around doors, windows, and around the roof. If you have trees, keep branches trimmed away from the house. Roof vents and chimneys should be protected with screens to prevent entry.

Practice one of the most basic and important pest control tasks by keeping your trash secured and disposed of regularly. If you enjoy feeding birds in your yard, discourage squirrels from hanging around by using a feeder that they cannot access.

With the right pest control efforts, the squirrels in your yard should remain there and let you admire them from afar. In the event squirrels do take up residence in your home, seek assistance from professional pest control companies who can safely remove them. After doing so, pest control services can inspect your home for access points and advise you on how to keep these little critters out permanently!

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