Flea Control in College Station Texas

Each year the arrival of summer is welcomed by many, including annoying pests like fleas. Since these insects love the warmer, moister weather, flea control companies suggest that the time to begin active flea control programs is now. Using a combination of preventive measures and effective flea control services, homeowners can keep their yards and residences flea-free this spring, and all year long.

A Little Bit About Fleas

Fleas are blood-sucking insects that thrive in a warm, moist environment. They feed on humans and animals alike and get around by jumping on a host, then dropping off in other locations. Once in a yard or home, adults drop eggs that hatch into new insects that mature, feed, and then reproduce to continue the lifecycle.

These insects are annoying and can transmit certain diseases to animals and humans as well as tapeworm to pets. Controlling these pests requires appropriate and ongoing flea control services to reduce populations, prevent new eggs from hatching, and repel new fleas from invading the area.

Removing and Preventing Fleas

Because they reproduce so quickly - sometimes as fast as two weeks - flea control must be tackled in a number of ways. Effective control requires efforts from flea control companies and homeowners working together to reduce, and eliminate populations in the following ways:

  • Treat Existing Populations - Flea control services begin by first spraying preparations that contain chemicals that kill off adults while also preventing the hatching of eggs or the maturation of pupae. This stops an active population in its tracks, although it is important to continue efforts to avoid re-infestation, which does happen since it is nearly impossible to reach every egg the first time.
  • Home Cleaning - Once the first treatment has been made, homeowners must vacuum frequently to pick up dead and dying insects and eggs as well as suction up any eggs that may be lying dormant. Homes should be properly maintained and free of any warm, damp areas where insects could hide. Vacuum bags should be thrown out after vacuuming.
  • Treating the Environment - In addition to applying flea control preparations, yards should be treated to prevent re-infestation. Lawns should be mowed short; weeds and debris removed from yards; and all food, trash, and other attractants that can bring rodents and other flea-carrying animals removed as well.
  • Re-Treating - To prevent re-infestation, flea control companies will return every 2 to 3 weeks for a number of treatments to ensure that no eggs remain to hatch and start new populations. Re-treatment is an essential part of the process, as one initial treatment is rarely enough to completely eradicate these pests.
  • Treating Pets - As pets are a prime source of fleas in the home, remember to treat dogs and cats as well. Inspect fur often and use appropriate repellant like collars, sprays, and spot-on treatments that can be purchased from a veterinarian. Keeping these pests off pets is one of the main ways to avoid re-introducing them into the home.

Flea control can be challenging, as these insects are hardy, prolific, and seem to pop up again and again from the beginning of summer to late fall. Getting rid of them usually involves multiple treatments by flea control services combined with other home and yard cleaning efforts. Therefore, the best way to remove and prevent infestations is by working with experienced flea control companies to develop the most effective treatment plan!

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