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The two things that all species have in common with humans is the need for food and shelter. Pest control companies know that it is this need that drives certain insects and animals to leave the outdoors and attempt to set up residence inside. Keeping residences free of these bugs requires routine pest control services, as well as good observation. In between treatments, homeowners should stay alert for the following common bugs and rodents that might be trying to invade their homes:

  • Termites - Termites typically live underground or in dirt mounds; they eat wood and are attracted to moisture. They are responsible for up to $5 billion in damage each year. Termites are also difficult to get rid of, requiring the services of professional pest control companies for proper extermination. In areas where these bugs are prevalent, it is essential that homeowners check frequently for their presence and seek assistance at the first sign of an invasion.
  • Powderpost Beetles - Powderpost beetles make tiny holes in everything from hardwood flooring and molding to cabinets, doors, and anything else in the home made of hardwood. To prevent this unsightly damage and the destruction of fine flooring and other features, call for pest control if any small holes, usually with bits of sawdust nearby, are discovered in the wood.
  • Ants - There are various species of ants that will infest homes if there is something drawing them in. Carpenter ants can cause significant structural damage to the home; while small, black indoor ants are unhygienic. Fire ants frequently cause damage to transformer boxes, electrical relays, and other electrical elements, causing electrical outages. They also have a nasty sting. If an ant infestation is suspected, homeowners should arrange for pest control treatments immediately. Where there are a few visible ants, many more ants are likely hiding.
  • Cockroaches - Cockroaches can affect the health of residents as the feces and skins they shed can carry allergens and pathogens. They are one of the most unhygienic pest species. They prefer dark, moist areas, but come out to search for food, exposing people inside the home as they do. Some cockroach species can also be challenging to exterminate and require experienced pest control services.
  • Bedbugs - Although people usually bring in bedbugs, they very quickly set up residence in mattresses, furniture, and carpeting. Feeding off human blood, these bugs are a definite nuisance and health concern.
  • Bees - Like ants, there are various species of bees that can become problematic. Carpenter bees cause structural damage by eating away at wood beams, while some honey bees may even build huge, heavy hives in attics and other spaces inside a home. Exterminating for bees should always be done by professional pest control services since it is important to identify the species and then deal with any remaining nests or hives that may cause other problems if left behind.
  • Rodents - Mice, rats, and even squirrels are other common pests that can find their way into homes and set up residence. Rodents are highly damaging and very unhygienic, leaving droppings around the residence. They can also spread fleas and microscopic parasites to humans. If droppings are noted anywhere inside the house, homeowners may need assistance from pest control companies to remove populations, then determine where rodents are entering to remedy that problem as well.

Pest control is something many homeowners forget about until there are signs of these nuisances or the damage they cause. Yet avoiding problems is as simple as scheduling seasonal pest control services. Routine exterminator visits, combined with careful observation for these creatures in the residence, are the two best ways to ensure a home is welcoming to human residents, not bugs or rodents!

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