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Humans share the environment with millions of other creatures all over the world. Some of these creatures can easily become pests that need to be controlled to prevent health issues and other problems. Exterminator services play a vital role in effective pest control. Yet exterminators do much more than just kill active infestations. Proper pest control involves following an individual plan for each customer.

Job 1 - Active Pest Removal

The most obvious duties performed by exterminators is removing current infestations and pest populations. This often involves more than just spraying pesticide or setting up bait traps. Exterminator services first need to positively identify the type of pest and species so they can be appropriately treated. Different species of insects and rodents have individual habits and life cycles.

Providing the right treatment means knowing both where to treat and how. This commonly means exploring the darkest corners of people’s homes, like the basements and attics, to uncover where pests are congregating. Specialists must then treat these areas to remove existing infestations and determine why they are present and what must be corrected to keep them from coming back.

Job 2 - Future Pest Prevention

Dealing with a current pest problem is only half the battle for exterminators. The second half is coming up with a maintenance plan that will prevent reinfestation. After determining the reasons why an infestation has occurred, a pest control specialist will make recommendations for repairs or other home maintenance necessary to correct the issue, then devise a treatment schedule for each individual home.

The fact that insect and rodent prevention is a year-round issue is something that must also be taken into consideration, along with determining the most efficient and non-toxic ways to control pests without creating a risk to all household occupants, including pets. So every home extermination maintenance plan will vary and be based upon regional species that are known to be problematic, along with issues specific to the individual home and family.

Job 3 - Customer Education

It is important to know that exterminator services do not end with treating infestations and making routine visits to prevent them from coming back. Customer education is an essential part of the job, because it is the customer who has the greatest control over their personal home environment. Pest control specialists will educate homeowners about problematic species in their area and how to prevent them from moving in. They will also make recommendations on home maintenance tasks that can help reduce the chance of insects or rodents setting up house, then provide education on the signs that a problem exists.

While exterminators may be the first call homeowners make when they discover a pest problem, these specialists do more than simply use traps or sprays. They must analyze each infestation carefully, determine its cause, and come up with the best ways to control and prevent it from happening again. By working together, homeowners and exterminator services can alleviate any insect or rodent issues and prevent new ones in the future!

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