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Rats and mice are sneaky. Inside a home they move primarily at night when the cover of darkness offers them the most protection. Many times people do not even know they are there, which presents a definite risk to the occupants of infested homes and buildings. Finding them and then designing the best plan for eradication is the main goal of rodent control services. Pest control services must act as detectives in order to detect the presence of these creatures so that appropriate rodent control methods can be implemented.


Rodents are great at hiding, so finding them requires careful and thorough observation of the home or building and property. While they may stay hidden from sight and occupants may not even be aware of their presence, they do leave behind numerous clues that there may be a rodent problem. Finding these pests means looking for specific clues, rather than loosely inspecting an area and coming across evidence of an infestation.

Rodent control services must clearly understand rodent behavior to know what clues to look for and where to look for them. Specialists must actively seek out the areas where these clues can be found to determine whether rodent control is necessary.


Knowing how and where to check for the presence of mice, rats, or other species requires that rodent control services analyze and inspect every new building and property according to its appeal to these pests and whether they are currently taking advantage of such desirable surroundings.

Everything from barely noticeable travel ways in the yard leading to the building to the specific size of potential entry and hiding places is significant. This is also true of looking for potential food sources that keep rodents coming back. Additionally, thick plants may provide coverage that hides evidence of a rodent presence. Home range distances of various species must also play a significant part in these inspections, as this helps pinpoint the size of the area that should be observed.  


Along with making the right observations and inspecting the premises forf evidence of rodent populations, rodent control experts must also understand the behaviors exhibited by each species. Knowledge of specific lifestyle and behavioral patterns, feeding preferences, nesting habits, and social behaviors are also significant when seeking evidence of infestation as well as the size of the rodent population

Different species have different habits, some of which can be used to identify them. Most importantly, experts must understand how to think like the rodents as they are looking to find shelter spots, travel ways, and sources of food. Once this information has been gathered, it is much easier to design an effective extermination and control program.

Dealing with rodents can be challenging. Setting out a trap or two is not usually enough to remove them from a home or building where conditions are favorable for these pests. Theyare highly intelligent and can be difficult to detect. Effective rodent control comes from observing critical signs, carefully inspecting a property, and then being able to think like each different rodent species. These reasons suggest the importance of hiring experienced rodent control services to deal with the threat of any rodent problem!

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