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The pantry is a favorite place in your house, which is true of more than just you and your family. Insects and pests of all kinds also love your pantry. This means that pest control is especially important in this area.

To keep your stored food safe and avoid potential health concerns, pest control companies stress the importance of knowing how to keep creatures out so food stays safe. Along with regular household pest control services, follow the tips below to prevent unwelcome visitors from helping themselves to your food.

Pests Love the Pantry

Of all the rooms in your house, everyone seems to love the pantry the most. From kids and pets to spouses looking for a snack, pantries get a lot of attention. Unfortunately, pest control companies know they also get attention from other, unwelcome guests. This includes ants, cockroaches, fruit flies, rats, mice, and even meal moths, pillbugs, and grain beetles.

If there is a chance for these insects and rodents to get a free meal, they will find a way into your pantry and stored food unless adequate pest control measures are in place. Reduce the chance of insects and animals contaminating your food by making your pantry less welcoming to them.

How to Protect Your Pantry

Keeping your pantry safe from rodents and other notable “pantry pests” means cleanliness, keen observation, and proper food storage according to experienced pest control services. This can be done by doing the following:

  • Purchase Only Sealed Packages - Part of a pest control regime is to avoid buying loose grains and small foods that could harbor insects. Opt for sealed packages that do not have any damage to ensure that insects have not already made their way inside.
  • Use Airtight Containers - Store all food in airtight containers like plasticware, jars, and ziptop bags to prevent spills and contain odors that could attract insects and rodents. Pest control companies say that if pests can smell it, they will find it. Add a bay leaf inside containers of grains and other loose foods to repel insects with its strong scent. Check plastic containers or bags frequently for damage.
  • Keep the Pantry and Kitchen Clean - Clean up all spills immediately to prevent pantry pests from being attracted. Keep the pantry clean by going through it regularly to clean floors and wipe down shelves. Remove any crumbs or particles that have accidentally fallen. Pest control services warn that even just a few crumbs can bring insects and rodents to your pantry. It is also important to keep your entire kitchen clean. Avoid leaving out unsealed food, including fruit.
  • Remove Outdated Items - Pest control companies also recommend that you sort through any stored items every few months and discard those past the expiration date. This greatly reduces the chance of spoiled food attracting pests or having insects find their way into goods that have been forgotten on the back of the shelf.

After taking the steps mentioned above to avoid attracting or bringing in pests as well as keeping your pantry clean, use routine pest control services to protect your home all year. Pest control achieved through preventive methods by repelling insect and rodent populations will help ensure you will not have to deal with these pests in your pantry or anywhere else!

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